I have powers over you from the moment you enter my world..

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$20 000 in cash from a devoted moneyslave

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The Supreme Female You Long To Serve

I Am the Supreme Highness of Seduction, Devine Princess of Paypets, Lovely Queen of Losers, Princess of Shopping Slaves, Ultimate Financial Domination Mistress....The One and Only Mistress Lilyan.

I'm a exquisite. I'm a Glamour Girl. I'm a Bitch and I'm a Goddess. I'm here for My pleasure only. I will seduce you into my feminine world, where I wrap you around my little pinky in no time!

If you want my attention you will obey.Your life as you know it has ended the day you first saw Me.

My slaves are to make me happy and serve me unconditionally... it is not what they get from me... it is all about me... I am the center of their world and there is nothing before me... I will totally control your finances... who knows... I expect you to spoil me rotten... and this is not about money... I do not need your money for my living expenses... I will never depend on you... Your tributes are meant to make my life better... love shopping and knowing you work for it... makes it so enjoyable!!! That's what you call a Financial Domme, darlings.

you are expected to please your Mistress and always think what you could do to please Me a little more... money is the perfect way of expressing how deep your feelings are... and how far you will go to make Me happy! I AM exactly what YOU need, and I will use your need of Me in your pathetic life every way I can..

You are my wallet and you will work to keep it full !.

That is the essence of your existence.I want it all!

Your adoration, your humiliation, your wallet, your savings, your love, your fear.... And get it all, I will.
Have no doubts about that.

I am creating and updating My website Myselfso you can spend hours and hours obsessing over Me.

Give in, step into My world and become my royal paypet, who will never seen another purpose in his life.. ALL YOU CRAVE  IS ME.
If you are here..you are Mine already..aren't you..
You will spoil Me, please Me and forever worship Me. You will focus your new life on ME. MISTRESS LILYAN

Other Things I enjoy!

Shopping Slave

Forced Intoxication

Consensual Blackmail

Pantyhose Fetish

Foot Fetish

Be my ATM
Stopping by for a peek, and feeling My power? Do yourself a favor and transfer all of that available credit card balance.


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