Phone, TXT & Voice Mail

One of my favorite ways to interact with my pay pigs is PHONE! I am on regularly, an often send emails with my updates and schedule to my previous callers so get on that list! Currently, you will find me on these 3 platforms:

Call me on NF ( new callers get 3 free minutes)

Call Mistress Lilyan for phone sex on

or call me on I want Phone:

or Sex Panther ( clickable)

you can TXT with me, Call me or even send voice recordings / video messages to me!

I love to chat!!

I know many of you do not have the privacy for calls or video sessions.

Chat time can be as intense and also discrete. 

This post is going to explain the difference in chat options for you.  They are all good just vary to some extent , depends on your needs.  Links will open in a new window. 

  1. SextPanther Chat -Love this option as it immediatelly shows on my phone! as a text message and I can directly answer from my phone. Fast and Easy, you will get an answer as soon as it is possible. ( unless I am in a movies, gym,  you get the idea)  It is paid by message , you can also send me images, or ask for a voice message. 
  2. NiteFlirt Chat –  you can just send me a message and I will answer whenever I am around. I do not get notification on my phone and I do not sit my my desk on a regular basis unless camming or PPV days that are announced on my schedule) So you will get an answer , just no guarantee how soon. Up to 24h .  If I happen to be on, then  of course I will answer right away, and it is a perfect option to ask a question or 2 , keep it simple. Longer kinky conversations/ chat play time required a lot work from me, so I will only engage in a booked time slot for a tribute  30 min or 1h  available. Ask for availability 
  3. AVN and OFF or OF FREE   . pretty much the same  option for booked chat time 30 min or 1 h. My membership is so low , and just covers the content I update multiple times a week, not chat time. So be respectful of my time and be prepared to TIP when you expect my time spent on you.  
  4. Discord Chats- available for tributes 30 min or 1 h sessions. Prebooked.  you can get my Discord ID in my NF goodies 

This is valid for 2021 and hopefully into the years in the future. I will make updates if any additional options come along. 

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