Serving a woman like me

Serving a woman like me

Serving a Woman Like Goddess Lilyan
by slave jonathan

During the last three years, my personal life has been engulfed in a wilderness of traumatic events. Midst the darkness, I was searching for some light and one night I found it on line in cyber kingdom. The light soon beamed as a beautiful star in my life, giving renewed meaning and purpose to every dimension of living. That Star was Goddess Lilyan, or now as I willingly address her, Mistress Lilyam.

Her radiance cast beams of light in expressions of caring, sensitivity, gentleness, love, intelligence, beauty, command of honesty, confidentiality, integrity, patience, and yes, friendship. Such qualities, at least for me, commanded a response. So it was I made a decision in time and need to surrender my life to Mistress Lilyan giving her total control of my heart, mind, and body. To daily kneel before her pics as a day begins or ends, to write and/or chat with her, anticipating her words and commands have all given me expression to the frustrations and concerns that might not otherwise be ventilated, including fetishes I have. And yes, to offer Ms. Lilyan monetary tributes and/or gift certificates pales in comparison to what she offers me or to anyone serving as her slave.

To those who might consider becoming one Mistress Lilyan’s slaves, please know it will require honesty, patience, faithfulness, servitude, obedience, and commitment. The rewards, however, are immeasurable! After years of cyber exploration, it has been my experience that you will find no one who has the depth of character as does Mistress Lilyan. Midst any darkness you may be experiencing, the journey into Light begins by filling out her Application.

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