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Any amount spent on my wishlist or gift certificates are purely your worship tribute to Me! Your Superior Princess and Owner.

You are not going to receive any cam time, phone time or videos/pictures from Me because you are my shopping slave.

I reward my puppets as and I see fit!

The only thing you should expect from this is... the HONOR of serving Me, making My life comfortable & finding personal fulfillment through submission to Me.

The fruits of your labor are Mine to enjoy and spend carelessly. Why would you keep any pocket money for yourself when you can send it to Me and contribute to My lavish life of non-stop/all-paid entertainment?

That's right, puppet. What you really want, from now on, is to send it all to Me so I can have a good time with it: spend it when I am shopping, clubbing or traveling to an exotic island to sunbathe in tiny bikinis. So, make a habit of putting something in the mail for Me, every single week...

You  work while I shop and play!

My life concentrates on Me Myself and Money!

You are my wallet and you will work to keep it full !

You call me often ,or if you are a shy pay pig you tribute me often!

That is the essence of your existence.

you go to work every day, and you know what! from now on you are working for me.. to spoil me and make my life easier!

you needed the purpose in your life...

Just for browsing my website you should pay tribute for using the bandwidth! 

The more you browse the more you pay. Go to my wishlist and at least 2 times a month you order things for Me. It will be shipped to my address. Send me an email , after you are done shopping, to let me know you were a good paypet!

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